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Hosted By

Kyle Prinsloo

Agency Owner, SaaS Founder, & Content Creator

Limited to 100 people per cohort

How to make websites fast

Design & layout fundamentals for effective websites

How to create a winning portfolio website

How to price websites

How to onboard & manage your clients

How to get clients

How to outsource

How to scale and work less

What You Will Learn:

Minimum Requirements To Apply:

Commitment (if you’re not active, we will remove you from the cohort)

You must have at least $200 - $500 to invest in necessary resources & tools (you can’t expect to get $10k /month clients with no investment)

Desire to succeed and take it seriously

Apply To Join Cohort

Current Income
Less than $1k /month
$1-3k /month
$5k+ /month

Start date:

🗓️  12 AUG

End date:

🗓️  29 AUG


$497, but you get it free for being a member of the community.


Receive a Certificate of Completion if you complete all your homework


Kyle and Brad created such an amazing opportunity for people that are in need of creating a profitable business. There isn’t anything else like it to make sure our business thrives and make sure it doesn’t become a hobby. I was able to get 2 clients when I followed their instruction!

Leonardo Escudero

The Cohort is everything I needed. I needed someone to tell me to get off my butt and chase what I am after and that is exactly what the Cohort did for me. I am now 3 clients in on monthly retainers and have already adjusted my prices accordingly! 

Stacey Muscat

I have found the cohort extremely valuable. I think that a lot of resources online brush over a lot of the things we have gone over and the aspect of being able to see what other people think is great. I find myself reading and rereading the channel sometimes, and throughout the day have constant flashbacks to ideas being discussed.

Jose Ruis

I had a fantastic experience in Kyle's cohort! It sharpened my knowledge and pushed me to take on challenges I didn't think I was ready for, ultimately helping me land my first website and SEO subscription client. Kyle's guidance and support were invaluable throughout the process.

Art Gostick

 In 8 weeks, we went from zero to hero. Each of us was able to approach clients as a real professional designer. We had homework to complete each week, which taught us more about discipline and hard work. And the price was... Completely free, thanks to Kyle Prinsloo and Brad Hussey. I recommend it to everyone.

Endri Xhukellari

This cohort provided step-by-step guidance on everything from website auditing to client acquisition and pricing. I've since signed two clients and had major breakthroughs. Highly recommend for anyone feeling overwhelmed or seeking a head start in freelancing. Thank you, Kyle and Brad!

Simeron K Taak

Apply to join the cohort

Current Income
Less than $1k /month
$1-3k /month
$5k+ /month

$10k Freelance Accelerator Cohort

A 4 week intensive program to take members with no or little freelancing knowledge to $10k /month as a freelancer with an actionable blueprint, curriculum, and plan.

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